Blue roses & tea

Elfin. 20.

A letter

I was watching this movie “Stuck in Love” a few days ago and this part of the movie really jumped out at me.

And I figured this definitely has to go to my little space.

Dear Rusty,

I know you probably never want to see me again.

I did a terrible thing to you.

My dad told me you called to see how I was.

And I’m sure that he told you I’m in rehab.

My biggest mistake other than hurting you was thinking you could fix me.

Only I can fix me.

I’d like to become a person who actually deserves to be with someone like you.

I don’t know how long that would take but I hope you’re around when it happens.

In the mean time just know that I’m really sorry for everything I’ve put you through.

Love, Kate.

Oh, PS.

You were right about that book.

I cried at the end.

Big Time.

I remember that the very first time I heard this letter being read out loud to Rusty in the show, I cried.

I cried because it was so true.

And deep down, I think it’s the same for everyone.

Till now, sometimes when I walk home alone,

or when I am in the showers.

These words would ring in my head.


“My biggest mistake other than hurting you was thinking you could fix me.

Only I can fix me.”

Happier Days

The following pictures are what I would call, pictures of happier days :)

Simplicity at it’s best.

Currently still on holiday mode, I think it’s high time I got a job and do something worthwhile with my time.

But then again I’m so reluctant to let go of the freedom that I have now.

Maybe because deep down I know it could be one of the last breaks as a student for me.


Me last night after I got home from a lovely date.

I love it whenever we have fun.

And with my ever comfy jacket that never fails to keep me warm.






Ladies night with the girls to celebrate Ping’s birthday. It could’ve been fun cause I really liked the music, just that there were simply SO many people in the club that I literally didn’t even have space to dance.

I like dancing. Feels like a form of freedom. When you close your eyes and just indulge in the moment – I think that’s what being alive feels like.







Reunion with the Sibs. I love how I can just be myself around them and tell them every thought that runs through my mind.

It’s always a good time with them. And Heads Up was fucking fun. *AGAIN*




Jackfruit and Lychee ice cream from Scoopz @ Thompson. I would say that my money was really worth it cause the scoop was HUGE and I took a long ass time trying to finish the ice cream haha.

Looking at this makes me crave for more. And perhaps some cookies and cream haagen dazs ice cream, my all time favourite.


Had a really nice time by the swings at the playground at Thompson. I had a really great time. It’s always nice to be a child again.

PS: I think I look like a flying buddha haha

Would love to go back there again while I’m still on my break. *hints to T*





Had a taste of the new Every Burger! Oh my goodness, thank you to the creator of this. I love your burgers so much. SO. MUCH.

Looking at it makes me want to have a bite of it again.




On days when I manage to cook good noodles, I get so happy. Not only I get to enjoy my after product, I feel happy inside knowing it’s yet another dish I had finally gotten right.

Cooking and baking are such therapeutic hobbies. I should open a cafe in the future ha ha ha



Mansion for the first time with this babe :)  Along with V and Sand. Had a really fun night although I felt like I was surrounded by little kids. What matters was I danced my heart out and it’s a night I’ll always remember.

Also it’s always a good night when you don’t have to pay for drinks or entry on a friday night :)





One of my ultimate favourites… MALAY FOOD

And what’s better than having your favourite friend’s granny cook for you I’m still so touched until now I just.

I can’t.







Haha it’s always a good time when you’re having so much fun that you… Fall asleep HAHHAHA

Thanks for the best time and food Tinny Winny ;)



Shades day all day everyday recently

I miss my long-crazy-cannot-be-tamed hair ):



Hell to the yeah to some fine ass Melon ice cream and my favourite outfit cause it’s so comfy wumfy





Shitty ice cream but lovely toppings.

Had a great date on that day. Smiled so much and I felt happy. :)








Had a nice time with these 2, and I’m so glad V liked the cookies :)

It definitely was the best feeling seeing that she loved the cookies haha.

And on a side note, black and white all day everyday yaw



This parfait was perfect.

This is literally my favourite dessert place.

I think the only other dessert that is on par with macaroons for me will be this place – Nana’s Green Tea.

I love their green tea and I want all of it all day everyday.



They had nice beer but really, REALLY horrible food.

I could cook better than them haha

Went to the gathering with the Adrenalin folks that day to watch some of them play soccer and for the dinner to bid Dorinn farewell.

Was surprised at how different Adrenalin now is.

Like I have no idea how to explain it.

It’s still a question for me whether I would wanna go back there again.




Not always a fan of Japanese food cause I think I probably had too much of it with my family but this was really good.

But what was better was that I was glad I picked the right place to celebrate T’s last day.

Seeing him eating away happily – haha makes me wanna laugh and smack him at the same time haha.






There’s something about blowing out candles for me on birthdays.

I like to make wishes. I like to feel hopeful.





Satisfied my cravings for kolo mee finally. Love love love kolo mee it’s too yummy.

Also one can never go wrong with mint cookie ice cream with crispy waffle from Coldstone.




I think one can never really ever go wrong with Mitch Albom’s books.

The way he teaches through his writing – amazing.



Ending this post with Dominos pizza. One of the best dates at home on a Saturday night.


Filling this post with all the happy moments.

Just posting this makes me feel happier.


Between the Bars

Close your eyes,

block out all forms of noise.

And just listen to this song.

First Kiss


Came across this video on tumblr and I thought it was interesting hahaha.

Apparently it has like 78,000,000 over hits so I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt this was interesting heh

I think first kisses are special and something you’ll never forget.

Does anyone else remember their first kisses with the people they love?

Sometimes I think that what’s worst about feeling sad is when you talk about this sadness to someone else and they just don’t get it.


I really hate to say this, but I wished you were here.

You’d understand without me having to say much.


How does one go ‘home’ and feel happy

when deep down you know you don’t belong?

When there isn’t an open space for everyone to voice their opinions.

When only one person is ever right.


If this is what home means,

I think I’m better off without it.




“We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there.”

- The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Soul Meets Body


Cause in my head there’s a greyhound station 
Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations
So they may have a chance of finding a place
where they’re far more suited than here


More often than not,

I believe that everyone out there deserves to have someone whom they can cry to.

Someone who understands them.



On certain rainy mornings, death cab for cutie is perfect for me.

What I’m Afraid Of

What I’m really terrified of is leading an average, ordinary life with a regular job and an invariable routine, planned holidays, an average household, fixed responsibilities and not doing anything different to be remembered by.


Just got done watching another crazy good episode of my mad fat diary.

And this time, it was an episode on Chloe.

tumblr_n2t0b7EMtd1qcraxro1_500 tumblr_n2t0b7EMtd1qcraxro2_500

To be honest, I was completely blown away by the script of the show, but for this episode; it was really amazing.

I mean how often do you see anyone writing from the supporting character’s point of view?

There’s just so many shows and episodes that are always about the main characters that sometimes we forget – the supporting characters have their own stories to tell too. And sometimes when you pay attention, you would realise that actually, their pain and happiness is real too.

This short clip totally does not show the true essence of this show but it’s all that I could find.

I think the acting and script for this show is truly amazing.

They deal with so much stuff that is so personal and so true.

It’s sensitive.



I wished I could write like that too.

I wished I could act like that too.


And more than not, I wished there was someone I could talk to about these shows.

It means so much to me what someone else’s opinions are about the same show.

I wonder what’s it like as well for someone to share the same interest in such shows with me.


Thank you, Chloe.

And thank you, Rae.

You are one of the bravest woman I have ever met.


Yesterday, I had a thought about my future.

About what I want to do.


And I have to say, I wished I had more courage.

I need to have more courage.


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