American Hustle

by Elfin

Time check currently: 6.53am and I haven’t slept since yesterday.

Personally I find it kinda crazy cause this is definitely the longest that I have stayed up without sleeping a wink in a while.


Went to catch the movie, ‘American Hustle’ today as I’ve been wanting to watch it since I saw the making of the movie on telly a few days ago.

Not to be biased but it really is true when every single time I watch a movie with Jennifer Lawrence in it, I’d end up loving it because the script is just so good and her acting is just… amazing.


I don’t know if people nowadays like her because of her good looks or for her good sense of humour in interviews and on the red carpets, but personally I like her because of her acting.

It has been so long since I saw an actress that really understood the depths of acting and was able to put what she understood to such great use just so naturally – sometimes I doubt she even needs to try because of how she simply moves with such ease and grace when playing her characters.


Whenever I see Jennifer Lawrence play a character, I find myself believing her. Believing that that character was created just for her. That she embodies, in this case – Rosalyn.


I have to say, part of me finds her so amazing due to the fact that she was so sure of what she wanted to do at such a young age – and although she isn’t really good at much else, this was the only thing she was good at and I have to say she is brilliant in what she does.



I wished I had that same clarity about my life.

Eyes feeling so swollen and my head hurts from all the thinking in the wee hours.

Looking outside the window from my room and dawn is breaking – the birds are out singing, and the sky is changing from a lonely black to a pretty blue.

Maybe if I had more of what I wanted figured out, maybe this morning would seem slightly sweeter.


For now,

I say I get some good sleep.


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