Things I am still trying to learn

1. Try not to feel jealous about anything or anyone. Jealousy is a useless emotion that causes far more harm than good.

2. When your mother asks you to do something with her, do it. She genuinely wants to spend time with you and be involved in your life. Do not push the very person who brought you into this world out of your life.

3. Be bold. Always take up any opportunities presented to you. You will most likely regret not following through with them, and life is just so much more exciting when you’re trying new things.

4. Start up conversations with anyone and everyone that interests you. They most likely want to talk with you too, and missing out on that one conversation could result in never meeting your lover or best friend.

5. Give yourself a break. Breathe. Live in the moment. Push any negativity out of your life; you don’t need it. Go on adventures. Explore the city with people you wouldn’t normally be with. Live. You got this.

– tumblr

Things I am still trying to learn

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