Running into you again

Who knew it would all be so soon?

I loved the way you called me ‘Elf’.

Most of my friends do and every time they do that I can’t help but feel a sense of endearment and I love it.

It had an additional touch when it came from you, though.

It’s true when you said it’s clearer now cause everything’s out in the open.

This morning felt like a different kind of special cause you told me what I had been wanting to hear – wishing we could go back to happier times. Cause it’s proof I wasn’t the only one feeling this way and that was important to me.

I’m just so thankful we moved in a better and clearer direction now – with everything else out of the way, all the lies, all the hurt, all that was bad.

Stripping it all down to the bare essentials.

Running into you again

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