On Drinking

Drink up he said
It will warm your soul
You’ll leave your worries behind
You’ll feel empty and high
I cry right now
In the chill night air
Remembering those words
And it still hurts
Though sober now
I feel no difference
I fear that you were wrong
It didn’t make me strong
I’m worse than before
Looking for an exit door
The wounds open wide
I stare blindly at the sky
I scream for your forgiveness
As I continue my ignorance
I want to see the light
But I’m still scared of the night

  • Hedonist Poet
On Drinking


An addiction, one addiction, any addiction
Accept it, fight it and die with it
Clouds will move around if you want or not
Sun will rise again even, if you are high or not
Demons love your world
They love your mind and heart
Get lost in that city and fear for someone pretty
You’ve been an addict all your life a mess since the start
An addiction, one addiction, any addiction
It has been ruling you with no moderation
Cry for it, laugh with it and beat it
It is gonna rain even if you want or not
Gonna be night even if you want or not
Angels are lost in this world
Some are dead and gone in this hell
You are in love with your misery
Your pain makes you feel healthy
An addiction, one addiction, any addiction
Accept it, fight it and die with it

  • Hedonist Poet

Fate and Balance


運命とバランス (Fate & Balance)

According to ancient East Asian belief, originating from Chinese mythology and is also used in Japanese mythology, The Red Thread of Fate is tied around the ankles or little fingers of two people who are destined to be together by the gods, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may tangle and stretch, but it will never break.

Ink on 7″x10″
June 5, 2015

Fate and Balance

Of Being In Love

I remember the first time my soul saw yours
I remember the first time our eyes met
It was both epic and tragic
At the time I didn’t understand that our time was limited
I didn’t know you would be the first one to reach God
We had fun, so much fun
We laughed, cried, talked, smoked, and kissed
Oh, we kissed
I remember your lips
It was like getting high without any drugs
You made sure I was happy
I made sure you were mine
We were both lost, but when we were together everything made sense
It was like we cure our each other
Little did we know, we were incurable
All the evil and dark consumed us
I was so happy, I didn’t question anything
I didn’t want the dream to end
Days felt like hours, and minutes felt like years
Every minute I spent with you was worth it
I was in love with the mistakes I did for you
I’m still in love
I will always be in love

  • Hedonist Poet 
Of Being In Love