Highly Sensitive Person?

To check out if this label applies to you, read through and consider the traits described below.

  1. An HSP has a finely-tuned nervous system – something that is thought to be inherited.This makes them sensitive to external stimuli that the average person can ignore or filter out.
  2. The HSP can find the world to be emotionally and physically draining. Thus they need to retreat, and have time on their own, in order to regain their sense of inner peace. They can still cope with pressure and a busy social life – but they need space and time to renew their energy.
  3. The HSP has a rich inner life, and they know how they feel and the differentreasons why. Their experiences are deep, intense and meaningful. However, this can leave them feeling drained and overwhelmed.
  4. The HSP has a tendency towards anxiety, worry, depression, fear, guilt, disappointment, sadness and regret. They tend to see the pain in life and are rarely superficial.
  5. He or she can identify with other people’s pain, and they can’t shake it off and move on with their life. Instead, it tends to weigh them down and keeps on playing on their mind.
  6. An HSPs nervous system is over-sensitive to music, noise, light and excessive stimuli. They are more aware of pain, have a strong startle response, and are easily awakened when they fall asleep at night.

Source: http://onlinecounsellingcollege.tumblr.com/post/54669483588/are-you-a-highly-sensitive-person

Highly Sensitive Person?

When Knowledge Isn’t Power

Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse, really.

Of people feeling the need to justify that they are smart; because of the ‘knowledge’ that they know, about something. For example general knowledge. Or people needing to put others down with their so called ‘knowledge’.

I understand why people would use that as a rough gauge as to how much one knows, but never should it ever determine one’s intelligence; simply based on that.

If you asked someone what kind of states are in the European countries and they open their mouths only to find themselves speechless, it is not a result of their intelligence. They could be experts in their fields and yet not know the simplest things in the general knowledge ‘book’ (who even created this list anyway? Why does it expect everyone else to follow it?)

My heart broke last night as I saw how these people wore my friend down with ‘knowledge’ of things they deemed important. Of how their need to be ‘knowledgeable’ gives them the superiority of them over some others. How could one’s value be simply based on how many states you know of, how many elements you know of in the periodic table?

Don’t get me wrong, I think that knowledge is powerful and knowledge is amazing, learning is important and is what helps us make sense of this world. But when knowledge makes you a person who looks down on people who do not have the same experiences as you do simply makes you, sadly, a knowledgeable and horrible person.

Pride comes from knowing. That’s why it is so important to stay humble, to always know there is so much more on this Earth that we don’t know of, that someone else would know of.

And when there’s too much pride, there is no more love. It overrides love, thinking it is more important and powerful than love. But no.

Love is all there is; simple as that.

Love the ones around you for who they are; for their strengths, for their weaknesses. Be the safe space for them to learn more and correct them with love. Its the only way people can grow together, not only in terms of knowledge, but also as a community. No one is ever better than the other. We’ll all here together, and we’ll all equal.



When Knowledge Isn’t Power