Of Being In Love

I remember the first time my soul saw yours
I remember the first time our eyes met
It was both epic and tragic
At the time I didn’t understand that our time was limited
I didn’t know you would be the first one to reach God
We had fun, so much fun
We laughed, cried, talked, smoked, and kissed
Oh, we kissed
I remember your lips
It was like getting high without any drugs
You made sure I was happy
I made sure you were mine
We were both lost, but when we were together everything made sense
It was like we cure our each other
Little did we know, we were incurable
All the evil and dark consumed us
I was so happy, I didn’t question anything
I didn’t want the dream to end
Days felt like hours, and minutes felt like years
Every minute I spent with you was worth it
I was in love with the mistakes I did for you
I’m still in love
I will always be in love

  • Hedonist Poet 
Of Being In Love


The wise will rise
And the poor will rule

Gold, green, or white
Cash, flash, or just blood

How nice people were, remember?
Now we are all asleep walking forever

Cancer minds and imaginary friends
Hungry and lost against greedy and drunk

I am here, waiting, is there anyone there?
I’ve been here, counting, are you still there?

– Hedonist Poet