Another Name

I remember you looking like my faith
And smelling like the drugs I hate

I remember I thought I was death
I couldn’t even look at you without being sad

I remember the day we kissed
Oh all the things you made me missed

How your laugh made me high
How your lips made me numb

It was a fairy tale without an end
You got bored and went to the wonderland

Do you miss your drugs and all the games?
Do you miss me or was I just another name?

  • Hedonist Poet 
Another Name

Something That Made Me Think of You

Tell me all of your secrets
The darker it is the better
I can cut a little deeper
Show you my pain under my sweater
It’s been lonely here
Since your mysterious disappear
I’ve been dreaming about you a lot
All day and all night
I miss the taste of your lips
I miss the way you kissed
It’s been lonely here
Since your mystical disappear

– Hedonist Poet

Something That Made Me Think of You

Running into you again

Who knew it would all be so soon?

I loved the way you called me ‘Elf’.

Most of my friends do and every time they do that I can’t help but feel a sense of endearment and I love it.

It had an additional touch when it came from you, though.

It’s true when you said it’s clearer now cause everything’s out in the open.

This morning felt like a different kind of special cause you told me what I had been wanting to hear – wishing we could go back to happier times. Cause it’s proof I wasn’t the only one feeling this way and that was important to me.

I’m just so thankful we moved in a better and clearer direction now – with everything else out of the way, all the lies, all the hurt, all that was bad.

Stripping it all down to the bare essentials.

Running into you again


You ruined me

in the best way possible

And I was your willing victim

I knew you were bad for me

But I can’t stop

You’re a thrill

You understood

Your touches felt warm once in awhile

Your kisses felt like home sometimes

It’s like we enter a completely different realm every time we touch

But why couldn’t you trust me?

I would’ve loved you.